Importance of a Health Campaign in Tourist Destinations

Tourist destinations have to ensure the safety of the tourists as well as residents by providing a healthy atmosphere. The success of the tourism lies in the safety and security felt by the tourists in the tourist destinations. Most of the major tourist destinations have several parks and reserves where animals are inhabited. Visitors are coming to the tourist destinations to enjoy the tradition, culture and natural beauty provided by those places. Most of the tourists would like to spend their time in beaches, parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, and natural reserves during their holidays.

Various tourist destinations are facing health hazards because people are urinating on the compound walls and stairwells of various buildings. The locals are sick of feeling not safe in these places because of the garbage and unhygienic behavior of tourists as well as locals. Parks, reserves, beaches, and river shores are also not spared from throwing garbage. Cleanliness is very important for a tourist destination as the beauty of the place lies in the natural surroundings. The only way to keep the tourist places beautiful and clean for the generations to come is to practice hygiene and create health awareness among the locals and tourists. You cannot expect a sudden change in people as creating awareness is time-consuming. Patience to carry out the awareness program is necessary for those who are participating in the campaign.

Beaches are the major attraction among the tourists as they can swim and play in the blue waters of the beach. Because of the huge inflow of tourists and locals, beaches and its surrounding areas are also getting contaminated with the garbage and plastic disposal. Beaches should be clean to avoid spreading of diseases among tourists and locals. A health campaign in a tourist destination can change a lot by distributing pamphlets and leaflets that explains the hazardous outcome of unhygienic disposal of plastics and garbage.

Hotels and restaurants in and around the major tourist destinations are also responsible for making these places unhygienic. Hotels and restaurants are throwing garbage and unused plastic wastes in and around the places of importance. Proper garbage disposal is necessary to maintain healthy surroundings in various destinations. Tourism also leads to the overusing of natural resources in the locality. Hotels and restaurants are using huge amount of natural resources such as water that leads to the scarcity of water for the residents in the locality. Scarcity of water leads to unhygienic and unhealthy surroundings as water is essential for various cleaning purposes. Hence, a health campaign has to be launched immediately in various tourist destinations to provide a better world for the future generations.